• the miniature food lesson and walking tour in Kyoto, Japan


    These are replicas- waking inside of Kyoto, having lunch at a local restaurant, making miniature food - that they ate at restaurant.

  • miniature food

    Choose Your Food.

    The Katsu Don

    90 mini Medium 3500yen

    the rice bowl topping pork katsu on rice

    The Unadon

    90 mini Hard 3500yen

    the grilled ell on rice

    The Tamago Don

    90 mini Medium 3500yen

    rice bowl topped egg and green onion

    The Kitusne Udon

    90 mini Medium 3500yen

    noodle and tofu

    The Udon

    90 mini Medium 3500yen

    noodle and green onion

    The Ramen

    180 mini Medium 4500yen

    The Curry Rice

    90 mini Medium 3500yen

    curry and rice

    The Omu Rice

    60 mini Easy 2000yen

    flied egg

    The Sandwich

    120 mini Hard 4000yen

    egg sandwich

    The Tonkatsu

    90 mini Hard 3500yen

    deep flied pork

    The Pancake

    45 mini Easy 2000yen (included: 2pancakes/1person)


  • event

    Which one is better for you?

    Walking & Lesson

    A Making Mini Food & Walk Inside Kyoto

    No matter if you visit more 10 times to Kyoto, Japan, you could find something new in this tour.

    This is a perfect way to know Japanese culture for you.


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    Tiny Food Lesson

    Children Can Join The Lesson

    The experience teaching small groups of no more than 5 people. Over 5 years kids can join the lesson with adult, and Over 10 years kids can join theirselves.


    The lesson time and fee is different what you wold like to make.


    Everyone feel easy lesson with our instructors to get you making miniature food yourself, in your first lesson. Please ask us details via email.


    >> bonchikyoto@gmail.com

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